Executive Staff

Our Executive Staff is composed of professionals in program development and execution, marketing, fund development, and opportunity development, all aligned and dedicated to helping our vetrepreneurs succeed.


Ben Bunn

Marketing Director

Adam DeMarco

Partnerships Director

Cait Dale

Fund Development Director

Dara Rodda

Fund Development

Aaron Marks

Social Media Manager

Sarah Balhuizen

Programming Director

Alissa Morrison

Event Manager

Jordan Maughan

Marketing - Social Media

Casey Maxted

Fund Development


Ken Vennera

Chief of Staff

Empowering Veterans

We believe in empowering veterans to solve their own problems. While you were busy creating your empire back home, our veterans were serving our country overseas. They were defending our freedom and sacrificed so much so we can live the life that we dreamed of. Now, it's our time to serve them.

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