Our Process

We focus on the individual vetrepreneur. We start by helping veterans identify their needs at a given stage in their business development. Next, we assess the obstacles they are facing and give recommendations on a sound course of action to pursue to overcome them.

Whether it is instruction, mentoring, access to funding opportunities, or reconnecting to the sense of community that existed in the military, we ensure that our veterans are not walking the path to success alone or in the dark. Let us help you in starting a Veteran-owned Business.


Preliminary: Intake & Tracking

The initial step of intake consists of a telephone interview conducted by experienced staff members to understand your background (both in the military and since rejoining the civilian world) to better gauge what areas require attention. Our recommendations for tracking you either to proprietary training (Warrior Academy™) or to business plan review and mentoring are done with the utmost attention to your particular circumstances.


Instruction: Warrior Academy

Our proprietary instruction builds on your military training and experience. The video modules and narratives are self-paced, with homework assignments to enforce the lesson learned. You will receive feedback on modules to help you “correct your course” as needed. Your success depends on your commitment to taking the veteran organization's instruction seriously and staying with it to the end.



We provide one-on-one mentoring for helping veterans with experienced people who have either strong subject matter knowledge (ex. marketing, accounting, operations) or industry knowledge (ex. healthcare, food service, e-commerce). You and the mentor collaborate to develop a roadmap to overcome the obstacle you are facing. Mentors do not solely provide easy answers but encourage you to find solutions and increase your skills in the process—leading to long-term success.


Funding Opportunities

Whether it is us providing grants or loans for launch or start-up costs, helping you through the process of an SBA loan, introducing you to investors, or helping you to establish a relationship with a banker for a line of credit or term loan, we strive to position you for the a strong likelihood of success. There are no guarantees but we will arm you with tools to strengthen your position. For this reason, we place a strong emphasis on instruction and mentoring before you arrive at the funding step.


Warrior Community

The singular aspect missed by veterans upon leaving the military is the sense of being part of a team. The Warrior Rising veterans organization platoon is the key connectedness that we provide through our local outreach. Through our platoons, located in various geographic areas, vetrepreneurs as well as those interested in participating in our programs, at any level (like sponsors and mentors), can connect in-person to share their experience and foster support. Our Warrior Community is the constant reminder that you are not alone in your journey to success. Starting a Veteran-owned Business takes a team-- let us help you get there.

Our Process in Action

Warrior Rising introduces veterans to complicated business concepts by applying them to tactics learned throughout their military service. Developed from more than 200 years of elite combat tactics, this process adapts methods learned during high-stakes combat training and applies them to running their own start-up businesses. Not only will this business development curriculum give you a distinct advantage when starting a business, but it will also enable you to compete in today’s highly competitive business environment. Learn how you can transform your military career into a successful business with Warrior Rising.

Take the Next Step

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