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Shark Tank Participant:
Surge Solutions

In a few short weeks, vetrepreneurs will take the stage in our annual Shark Tank Event. One of the participating businesses joining the event is Surge Solutions.

Surge Solutions optimizes customer support process for rising tech companies using an end to end platform to predict, smooth and solve tech companies hard customer support problems. Headed by three veterans, Shawn Killpack, Luke Ferrel, and Dave Dequeljoe, Surge Solutions uses first-hand experience to transform how businesses interact with their customers through their predictive analysis program.

Along with this customer support process, Surge Solutions is also looking to support the military community. Their vision is to provide every military spouse a flexible opportunity that matches their potential. It is often very difficult for military spouses to find employment while they are deployed overseas that matches their knowledge and skills. Surge is looking to provide military spouses with these flexible and skilled employment opportunities as part of their tech support team. In turn, this provides Surge with a unique competitive advantage allowing them to employ a highly skilled workforce, spread throughout the world, to offer 24/7 tech support.

Surge Solutions is a business to watch during the Shark Tank Event for many reasons. From their leader’s knowledgeable insights to its competitive business plan and unique vision, Surge is making waves in the entrepreneurial industry and at Warrior Rising. Along with their experience in the industry, these vetrepreneurs know a thing or two about military grit.

Dave Dequeljoe was an F-14 Naval Aviator for the US Navy. He graduated with honors from the US Naval Academy and earned an MPA from Harvard. He works in leadership and as a consultant at leading tech companies, building their customer experience programs. As a longtime entrepreneur, Dave has years of experience handling startup businesses. It is this know-how that is pushing Surge Solutions towards the top of the Shark Tank list.

Shawn Killpack was a Developmental Engineer for the US Air Force. He also earned his MBA, MS in Electrical Engineering and is a Distinguished Graduate from the US Air Force Academy. He has extensive experience in coding statistical models for predictive performance. His work as an operations manager in multiple industries, including a category leading customer support team at a tech company, will lend a hand in Surge Solution’s development.

Luke Ferrel is a former Operations Analyst for the US Air Force. He also is a Distinguished Graduate from the US Air Force Academy and his MBA, MS Statistics. Through his professional career, Luke has gained first-hand experience with business’s customer support teams. His insights into operations and analytics are a massive force driving Surge Solutions forward.

“We love Warrior Rising. All three of us are veterans. We have an amazing team right now, and it would be great to have an investor who helps us take that next step,” remarked Dave during an over-the-phone interview.

We can’t wait to see Surge and all other participants during our upcoming Shark Tank Event. For more information on the event or to purchase tickets visit