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Becoming a Vetrepreneur

Who does Warrior Rising serve and what is a vetrepreneur?

Warrior Rising serves veterans and their immediate family members who seek to become an entrepreneur by providing the support and guidance they need to become a successful vetrepreneur.

Warrior Rising works with vetrepreneurs to create business plans and budgets; vetrepreneurs are educated on how to obtain startup funding; and Warrior Rising helps vetrepreneurs sustain their business over the critical first two years.

I still don’t get it, what does Warrior Rising do for Vetrepreneurs and why should I donate?

As an organization of business and training professionals, Warrior Rising gives support to warriors when and as they need it, and in proper amounts. When veterans ask for our services we start by giving them advice – from the Warrior Rising staff, board members, and mentors. When appropriate, we assist veterans in receiving formal training from colleges, workshops, and entrepreneurial immersion programs. As companies stand up, Warrior Rising helps with initial start-up costs to cover tools, equipment, licensing, marketing, and other such costs. Warrior Rising gives our warriors the proper assistance at the best possible time – with no strings attached. Sometimes it is more than we anticipated, sometimes less. Your donations create a pool of resources from which we provide veterans real-time, right-sized assistance on a just-in-time basis.

Your donations to Warrior Rising, a 501(c)(3) organization, are always tax-deductible. We work hard to use your generous donations to give the greatest support possible, to the most worthy veterans, in a manner that will be most effective for them.

What’s the Warrior Rising story and when was the organization founded?

Warrior Rising was founded in 2015 to assist U.S. veterans.

Jason Van Camp graduated from West Point and served his country as a Detachment Commander with the US Army, Special Forces. When he came home, Jason earned an MBA in Entrepreneurship at Brigham Young University and founded Mission 6 Zero. Through his interactions with other innovative veterans and business owners, Jason identified a need for education, mentorship and financial support for veterans who aspire to be their own boss, maintain a business and perpetuate the hiring of fellow veterans. Veterans and their immediate family members who seek to become an entrepreneur are welcomed into the Warrior Rising family and given the support they need to become a successful vetrepreneur.

Jason Van Camp served as the Chairman of Warrior Rising’s Board of Directors. In 2017, the board placed Jason into the position of Executive Director.

I’m a veteran/warrior/immediate family member. How can I become Vetrepreneur?

Appreciate your service (and/or support of your troop)! Click here to learn more about becoming a Vetrepreneur.

How quickly can I get funding?

Funding opportunities follow assurance (via established process and procedures and commonly accepted standards and practices for feasible business strategy and operation) that the veteran business model is viable and sustainable. Applicants should not expect immediate funding, nor should they apply with a less than sincere effort to work through the process of making their plan work. Our main goal is to educate so that veteran can be self-supporting through a business that will withstand ordinary pitfalls and to emphasize the planning and critical thinking necessary for it to do so. There is not a specific timeframe for this to happen. If you are in a situation where you need immediate funding though and are not as interested in the educational aspect, you may want to consider viable alternatives.

How do you protect business confidential information?

All of our personnel and volunteers have agreed in writing to maintain confidentiality. We do not forward business plans to any third party unless they enter into a confidentiality agreement with the veteran business.

Do I need prior business training or experience?

No, you do not. We accept applicants at all stages of development and any level of knowledge and expertise.

Are there any types of business that are not supported?

We will help with any business that provides service or sells goods to third parties. The following are small exceptions: (bullet) if you are just doing the activity as a hobby (i.e you have a regular source of income aside from the prospective activity), (bullet) if it is just a passive investment activity akin to flipping real property or investing in stock. These do not involve selling your goods or services to third parties. (bullet) if you are starting a non-profit. While we will assist you with training and mentoring to start another non-profit, grants will be limited inasmuch as our donors have contributed to our mission, not to the mission of another non-profit that you might be considering.


Is Warrior Rising a legitimate charity?

Warrior Rising was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the state of Utah in 2015. Our EIN (Tax ID) number is 47-2534246. Click here to se our finances and bylaws page.

What percentage of my donation goes directly to Vetrepreneurs?

Warrior Rising uses your charitable contributions to support the economic wellbeing of veterans. Our goal is to apply at least 80 percent of charitable donations in direct support to warriors, to provide them business training, mentoring services, and operational support for items such as tools, inventory, equipment, staff, and marketing. We maintain a small staff to control our overhead and rely on a dedicated team of business mentors and volunteers for services and training.

Can I make donations to a specific Vetrepreneur?

YES. You may support specific warriors by giving money directly to them, either as outright gifts, as loans, or as business investments. You must be aware, however, that in most cases, money given directly to warriors may not be declared as a deductible charitable contribution.

NO. You may not donate to Warrior Rising and designate a specific veteran to receive your funds. This would be a violation of Federal law. Warrior Rising pools its charitable revenues and applies them to achieve the greatest possible benefit for all the warriors whom we assist.

Can I mail my donation?

Please download and fill out our donation form, make your check payable to Warrior Rising and mail to:

Warrior Rising
11614 Anna Emily Dr
South Jordan, Utah 8409

Can I donate items as gift in kind?

Warrior Rising does accept some types of gifts in kind – please email [email protected] to find out more.

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