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The Process for Standing Up Your Business

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Starting involves organization, decision-making, financial planning, and a series of steps, but, most importantly, time. If you hope to create a business without putting in the work, you are out of luck. There is no magic bullet way to fast-tracking the business-making process.

Creating a business from the ground up takes time. It involves a developmental process that pushes you forward in ways you would not think were possible. If you follow the process and do things right, starting a business won’t seem as onerous as it actually is (and you might have an enjoyable time doing it).

The Process for Standing Up Your Business

Warrior Rising has broken down the process down for veteran entrepreneurs in a  4-phase process that is straightforward and clear:

  • Preliminary
    • Stage 1: Intake
    • Stage 2: Evaluation
  • Phase 1: Qualification Course
  • Phase 2: Group Designation
  • Phase 3: Operational Fund
  • Phase 4: Mission Execution
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So, let’s get started.

Preliminary Stage 1: Intake

Start the process by submitting your Warrior Rising application packet. The packet includes necessary information, as well as information about your business and official business forms. We will validate and review your information by following up with a phone interview.

Stage 2: Evaluation

We look at particular factors from your background and plan “next steps” always keeping in mind your needs.  Rest assured, there is process, there is procedure that we employ but we apply those processes and procedures in a roadmap format is tailored to your needs.

If Selected You Will Also Be Given Access To:

  • The Vetrepreneur’s Handbook
  • Teachable Videos

These tools are invaluable resources for business owners and vetrepreneurs.

After completing the preliminary phases our staff will help you refine and develop your roadmap.

Phase 1: Warrior Academy

In this Phase, we will give you tools and resources to create a plan of action for executing your idea.

Phase 2: Mentorship

Whether you have drafted your business plan before coming to Warrior Rising or whether you create it as a result of going through Warrior Academy, your plan/model will be reviewed.

Mentorship will help you fill remaining gaps, whether they are in a subject-matter area (accounting, finance, operations, marketing).  The mentors develop a roadmap for resolving those gaps and help you along to the next phase.

Phase 3: Funding Opportunities

In this phase, you will move forward executing your business plan. This includes finding funding for your business.  Whether it is grants from Warrior Rising, developing a relationship with a bank, seeking an SBA 7A working capital loan or equity investors.   If needed, your mentor will help you learn how to properly use the funds you receive and help you optimize your business plan.

Phase 4: Warrior Community

Even after your business is viable and operating, you will still have support through your Warrior Rising family.  This means you have the support of our entire network whenever you need help, but it also means that, through our Platoons, you can hear a speaker on a topic of interest and give you the opportunity to talk about and create awareness for your business.  Being part of the Warrior Community also means that you should look for opportunities to help other veterans follow in your footsteps along the Vetrepreneur path.

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