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Shark Tank Participant:
Dave Burnett – Tac Clamp

Our annual Shark Tank event is a few weeks away, make sure you know all of the details before November 7th rolls around. This week we are highlighting a few of our vetrepreneur participants, including David Burnett, Founder at Tac Clamp. Tac Clamp provides quick release mounting solutions for the battlefield. This special operations solution alleviates any issues for military forces by allowing users to clamp any surface with an adjustable thickness knob. The Tac Clamp also has a quick-release feature that allows for it to break free without any downtime.

As a Chinook Crew Chief in the United States Army under Special Operations command, David saw a gap in the market for universal mounting systems across various vehicle platforms. While in the field, military professionals use equipment that lacks necessary features, including sturdy, quick release, and secure storage. The Tac Clamp addresses all these issues with its versatility, rapid release capabilities, adjustable knobs, and lightweight technology.

David has also done his work getting Tac Clamp up-and-running. Currently, Tac Clamp has two utility patents granted with two others pending. There are massive opportunities for growth for Tac Clamp, including the Helicopter market, law enforcement, military, and camping industries. David’s work at Tac Clamp includes overseeing product sales while having the persistence and knowledge of the product. He is also in charge of leveraging business relationships in order to stay ahead of any competition.

David and Tac Clamp are taking to the Shark Tank stage seeking funding for the upcoming business ventures. They plan on using these funds for engineering, testing, manufacturing, and developing a website. They also hope to ensure a top-quality product while maintaining production in the United States and ensuring Tac Clamp continually delivers top-quality performance over time.

We look forward to seeing David present along with other vetrepreneurs on November 7, 2019. To attend the event or learn more please visit: