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Theresa Irving

Program Producer/Assistant Programming Director


Theresa Irving is a highly accomplished individual with a diverse military service, entrepreneurship, and community-building background. As a retired Air Force veteran, Theresa served her country for over 17 years before transitioning to civilian life in 2014. Born and raised in West Michigan, she returned to the area to put down roots and pursue her passions.

In 2019, Theresa boldly purchased Sands Restaurant, a local institution with a rich history of serving the community. Despite facing unforeseen challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, Theresa remained determined to make the business a success. She implemented innovative solutions, such as safety protocols and takeout/delivery services, to keep the restaurant thriving. Under her leadership, Sands Restaurant became a staple in the West Michigan dining scene, known for its delicious food, excellent service, and warm ambiance.

In 2022, Theresa sold Sands Restaurant after paying off the business, and she has now embarked on a new adventure. She has opened a 67-acre mixed-use space with a disc golf course, pro shop, and berry u-pick. With this new venture, Theresa built a business that aligns with her passions and values. She is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive space where people can come together, enjoy the outdoors, and build community.