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Corporate Sponsorships

Warrior Rising’s Corporate Heroes Sponsorship packages offer an organization the opportunity to recognize and thank our military heroes for their service by supporting our programs for vetrepreneurs. Choose our Platoon Leadership Series, our Warrior Rising Academy educational program, or our Warrior Rising Shark Tank Event. Each has flexible options and levels to meet different corporate needs.

For the Platoon Leadership Series, you can choose sessions in a given city or choose to sponsor a “package” and select individual cities from our portfolio. Donations to veterans organization and Corporate Sponsorships will help cover the costs for the Leadership sessions and a portion will go toward the particular Platoon’s annual fundraising goal.

Corporate Sponsorships

Giving Back

Warrior Rising is inviting Corporate Sponsors to give back to our vets by aligning their brand with our Warrior Academy (TM) online training program. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and doing good through Community Programs are now critical attributes in today’s corporate world where companies present their organizations as businesses with a social purpose. That translates to a corporate mindset for improving and changing lives by giving back. Our veterans represent a large population where organizations can make a difference in their future and that of their families. For more information, you can email us at [email protected].

Thank you for your support.

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Corporate Sponsorships

Veteran Business Showers

Our Veteran Business Shower events are held in various metropolitan areas throughout the U.S. several times per year. Corporate sponsors will enjoy exposure to this audience with pre and post online promotions and branding on all event materials. There will also be an event page on the Warrior Rising website highlighting the Corporate Heroes who support our programs and veterans by sponsoring the event. We invite you to participate in our Veteran Business Shower Events and enjoy the benefits of good corporate citizenship, supporting our vetrepreneurs, and contributing to the success of one of the key powerhouses of our U.S. economy: our veteran businesses.

Empowering Veterans

We believe in empowering veterans to solve their own problems. While you were busy creating your empire back home, our veterans were serving our country overseas. They were defending our freedom and sacrificed so much so we can live the life that we dreamed of. Now, it's our time to serve them. Each of your donations to the veterans organization, Warrior Rising, help fund that service.

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