Aliahu Bey

Board Member


Aliahu “Alli” Bey is a husband, father of 3, and a Utah Entrepreneur. As an Army Aviation maintenance veteran, Alli started his first company after collecting nearly two decades of engineering and project management experience. Alli spent more than a decade working for several international and Fortune 200 companies. After learning to navigate the bureaucracy and red tape of corporate America he decided he would prefer life without the corporate politics. Utilizing experience and lessons learned he started his first small business in June of 2014. Writing proposals and responding to opportunities within his core competences was how he spent 14 long months. When the family savings ran dry, he and his wife Gretel decided to sell their first home, however, the Bey family was still left financially strapped. Alli made ends meet by moonlighting at a small food manufacture in the Freeport Center and working as a technician during the day at the Snowbasin rental shop.

In July of 2015 he won his first Department of Defense contract worth more than 47 million dollars. After successfully defending his company against an SBA protest from a competitor Alli’s company Haight Bey & Associates LLC started executing in September of 2015. Haight Bey has added several Prime and Sub contracts to their project portfolio in the past 5 years and has spun off a cybersecurity compliance company called Totem Technologies.

Now his focus and dedication is in helping other Veteran owned small businesses navigate the complicated worlds of government contracting and cybersecurity compliance.