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Apply to Become a Vetrepreneur

What We Do With Your Application

Based on available resources at any given time, Warrior Rising strives to accept and assist veterans at any point in the process of starting their own business, whether it is only a concept or if they have actual operations.  Please take note:  If you are considering forming a non-profit, be aware that while we may offer assistance in the nature of training and mentoring, there may be limitations placed on us providing financial assistance in order to avoid conflicts or other concerns with donors having funds directed towards another non-profit.  In addition, passive investments (ex. flipping houses, stock speculating) are not considered by us to be an operating business that our platform is intended or able to assist.

Vet Applicant Instructions/Intake Process

Please complete all information in the application and ensure that it is accurate.  If you omit information, in particular, telephone number, or information such as the email address is incorrect, it will only delay or prevent your application from being processed.   Once you click Submit you will receive a confirmation email. Your application may take approximately 7-10 days to process initially.  You will be contacted by our staff to schedule an intake call.   The call is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email for the scheduled time.  Please ensure that you check your inbox and your spam folder for the intake email.

After completion of the intake call, you will receive an email summarizing the background information discussed during intake along with Onboarding documents for you to complete. Once you have returned these documents completed and signed, we will provide an email with recommendations and next steps.

Please note that the mentoring process is to help you think through issues and opportunities and to guide you in completing the work yourself.  In that way you will learn valuable skills that will help you long beyond your experience with Warrior Rising.

Please be aware that, at a certain point in our process you may be requested to send a business plan or other information for review as part of next steps.  Our staff and volunteers will maintain as confidential all business information you provide and we do not disseminate to anyone that is not subject to confidentiality obligations (in other words, those outside of our organization) without your permission.  Please note that, because of the number of applications and applicants, we do not execute confidentiality agreements with applicants.  Please note that it may take up to 21 days to receive back comments and further recommendations on how to proceed.  Please do not send plans in advance of our specific email request. Your patience is greatly appreciated.  The review that is done will be focused on:

  • Substance of the plan,
  • Clarity,
  • Thoroughness of plan/strategy as it relates to your concepts and key factors,

so please do not just cut and paste information into a template online for the sake of “having” a business plan since that will not help advance the process, and in fact, will probably stall it a great deal.

Note also that, while we do provide start up or launch grants, we seek to ensure that, first, your business model or plan is robust, and like any other funding source, that it is thorough and you have thought through all the key aspects.   Our process will assist you with that.   There is a specific procedure for making a funding request that will be provided to you when appropriate but please understand that our process has been employed many times and, regardless of your experience, we still ensure the fundamentals are achieved before funding.  We also do not guarantee funding under all circumstances. While we make best efforts to accommodate timing needs for funding, if approved, please be aware that we are not an emergency financial assistance organization, so we cannot shortcut our processes to provide funding to meet all timing expectations.

If, at any time, you have questions, please email us at [email protected].

Thank you for contacting Warrior Rising to assist you.