Mike Moone


Mike had a high-profile career in consumer products and used his experience and long-standing passion for wine to build a Napa Valley wine dynasty. Though retired, he is still involved in a dozen companies and has a hand in 7,000 acres of grapevines producing high-end, private label wines.

With his expertise in product development and distribution along with a tireless imagination, Mike burnished a reputation as one of Napa Valley's iconic visionaries and enterprise-builders. After making his mark in a variety of senior executive roles including Stouffer Corporation and Nestle, he took over as CEO Beringer Wines He later purchased the company from parent Nestle and proceeded to grow the company to a billion-dollar enterprise before selling it and launching a series of wine-enterprises in the Napa Valley, including, Silverado Partners, and Moone-Tsai wines. Today he dedicates much of his retirement energies to his latest personal wine endeavor, Thousand Vines. Mike has he provided valuable resources to help with product launch for our vets providing resources in design, research and production.