Take the Leap with Warrior Rising!

Why work with us? What is uniquely different about Warrior Rising? We ARE you. Many of our stakeholders are military veteran business owners. We understand military veterans, the civilian business world, and the economic and training obstacles facing veterans returning to civilian life.

Through Warrior Rising, you will be able to share stories with each other. You will have the opportunity to hone creative ideas and launch new businesses, while experts provide real-world valuations of your business and personally mentor you to successful entrepreneurship. Ultimately, Warrior Rising answers the question, “now what?”

The Process

Everyone’s needs are different, so everyone’s process will be unique. Here is what the general process might look like for you.

    Phase I:
    Learn Business Fundamentals at home (online and taught by experienced MBAs, MBA professors and proven entrepreneurs). Warrior Rising will provide you with templates and videos to help you get started.

    Phase II:
    Apply to attend Isolation. If applicable to your business, Warrior Rising will help become a prime candidate for a business incubator. Our goal is to send you – all expenses covered – to an accredited university business incubator program.

    Phase III:
    Formal pitch to venture capitalist (VC) investors. We will introduce you to investment professionals who can give you a valuation on your existing business or valuation guidance on new business ventures. These investors may also directly invest in your business, either through donations made to Warrior Rising or through an independent relationship with you after we make the introductions.

    Phase IV:
    It is our goal to help every Warrior that makes it through our process receive funding to start your business. If Warrior Rising awards your business a funding grant, it is because our donors believe in our mission, and Warrior Rising believes in you. This wouldn’t be a loan and we wouldn’t expect to be paid back. We just want veterans to succeed and pay it forward. Financial assistance may be in the form of outright gifts to you, loans, or some combination of these. Warrior Rising may provide you seed capital from our donor contributions or we can introduce the veteran to an interested investor.)

    Phase V:
    Start your business. No matter what stage of the process you are in, we are here to help you to the point where you can launch your own business and be financially successful. Sometimes this part of the process comes much sooner – if you are already up and running, or if your business doesn’t require significant upfront funding, we will help you launch right away if possible.

    Phase VI:
    Continual mentorship. Warrior Rising will stay in touch with you as your business grows. Consider joining Warrior Rising as a mentor and helping other veterans succeed the way you have.

Warrior Rising operates within the confines of its resources. Accordingly, we assess applications for assistance from all veterans and provide support to as many as possible, recognizing we do not have sufficient resources to assist all warriors. Decisions on which warriors to assist are made on a case-by-case basis in accordance with Warrior Rising’s gift-giving policy.

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