Congratulations! You’ve made it to the second step in the Warrior Rising process.

You now have a business idea that has been vetted by our Warrior Rising Board of Directors, venture capitalist partners, and mentors. You’ve proven yourself and your business idea. We believe that you have the ability to succeed.

Depending on your needs, Warrior Rising may send you t one of our University business incubator partners for further development of your business. Depending on the situation, we may help fund all or part of the expense for this.

In other words, prepare to relocate. You will be on TDY for the next 3-12 weeks. Similar to the “Isolation” planning process before conducting a combat operation, you will be isolated to focus on your business mission.

If you qualify:

Warrior Rising will identify and recommend one of our partnered Universities for you based on your business idea and personal needs

Warrior Rising will fund your travel to your University Business Incubator Experience

Warrior Rising will fund your course work during your University Business Incubator Experience

Warrior Rising will fund your lodging at your University Business Incubator Experience

You will work on developing your business

When you and your Incubator Professors are confident in your ability to launch your business, we move you on to our next step – Economic Assistance