We are proud to provide grants to veterans, enabling them to kick off their new business ventures.

Congratulations!  You’ve made it to our third step in the Warrior Rising process.

You are now ready to launch your business. You’ve done all the work, now prove to us you have what it takes.  Following your University Business Incubator Experience, if it is appropriate, Warrior Rising may bring you out bring you out to our location in Utah to meet our Board of Directors, mentors, investors, and venture capitalists.

If you qualify:

Warrior Rising will assist with some or all of the expenses of your travel and lodging during the Economic Assistance Experience

You will formally present your company in the form of a business pitch to our Board of Directors, Mentors, Investors, and Venture Capitalists

Our panel of experts will ask you the ‘tough’ questions in order to validate your effort and research

Our panel of experts will give you a time now valuation of your company and financial projections that you must achieve in order to succeed

This is no competition, once you prove yourself, Warrior Rising will assist you in trying to obtain some or all of the financial support you need to start your specific business

When you leave our Economic Assistance Experience, you are ready to officially launch your business with the knowledge, funding, mentorship, and confidence to succeed

However, you will need help from time to time….. Which brings us to our last step in the Warrior Rising process – Mentorship.


** In cases where we are unable to give veterans funding, we offer services to assist in obtaining additional funding from private partners, venture capital companies, Small Business Administration, Veterans Administration, and financial institutions.