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Our Process

We focus on the individual vetrepreneur. We start by helping veterans identify their needs at a given stage in their business development. Next, we assess the obstacles they are facing and give recommendations on a sound course of action to pursue to overcome them.

Whether it is instruction, mentoring, access to funding opportunities, or reconnecting to the sense of community that existed in the military, we ensure that our veterans are not walking the path to success alone or in the dark. Let us help you in starting a Veteran-owned Business.


Step One: Automated Intake

Application, Intake and Tracking have been combined to provide a low-barrier, seamless experience that can be completed in 15 minutes.


Step Two: Warrior Academy

Our proprietary instruction builds on your military training and experience. The video modules and narratives are self-paced, with homework assignments to enforce the lesson learned. Your success depends on your commitment to taking the veteran organization's instruction seriously and staying with it to the end.


Step Three: Bi-Monthly Zoom Coaching Session

To provide increased opportunities for networking and coaching, you’ll have access to Bi-Monthly Virtual Coaching Sessions on the first and third Wednesday of each month. These sessions will include a keynote speaker, breakout sessions with our vetted coaches and individual interaction with our team. Each session runs for 60 minutes and allows an opportunity to exchange LinkedIn information with others to continue the interaction.


Step Four: Business Shower Selection

These events combine a SharkTank event and a baby shower where our vetrepreneurs have earned the opportunity to receive business enhancing gifts, as well as compete for a grant. Business Showers are by invitation only and require a multi-step selection process beginning with nomination from a coach, board/staff member or mentor.


Step Five: One on One Mentoring

The singular aspect missed by veterans upon leaving the military is the sense of being part of a team. The Warrior Rising veterans organization platoon is the key connectedness that we provide through our local outreach. Through our platoons, located in various geographic areas, vetrepreneurs as well as those interested in participating in our programs, at any level (like sponsors and mentors), can connect in-person to share their experience and foster support. Our Warrior Community is the constant reminder that you are not alone in your journey to success. Starting a Veteran-owned Business takes a team-- let us help you get there.


Step Six: Warrior Tribe

The Warrior Tribe. A key component of continued success. This is fostered through our Bi-Monthly Coaching Sessions and participating in Warrior Rising Events. These interactions are opportunities for enhanced networking, character development and fellowship.

Our Process in Action

Warrior Rising introduces veterans to complicated business concepts by applying them to tactics learned throughout their military service. Developed from more than 200 years of elite combat tactics, this process adapts methods learned during high-stakes combat training and applies them to running their own start-up businesses. Not only will this business development curriculum give you a distinct advantage when starting a business, but it will also enable you to compete in today’s highly competitive business environment. Learn how you can transform your military career into a successful business with Warrior Rising.

Take the Next Step

Take your next move towards creating your own business by applying to become a Vetrepreneur with Warrior Rising.