The following resources are provided to you free of charge from Warrior Rising. A description of each resource is provided below. These files require the Microsoft Office suite. If you don’t already own this software, please contact Warrior Rising.

Business Plan Template (Word File)

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This file is the “business plan template and teaching guide” doc. We have developed and used this in the past to be used by either those that have little or no business experience or to help more experienced entrepreneurs organize their information efficiently. The sections roughly follow the structure of Business Model Generation (as formalized by Alex Osterwalder) and the process of Nail It Then Scale It (Furr & Ahlstrom). There are also intros to a couple useful frameworks and visualization tools for formulating ideas, identifying markets, and launching businesses.

This file is arranged so that an experienced entrepreneur can use it unaided as a template for an actual business presentation, but the real value in this content is in the lessons summarized in each section. Reading through each section will teach you how to develop that part of your business. The structure focuses on the key elements of actually launching a business from the ground up, namely identifying assumptions and testing them in each critical category.

Financial Model (Excel File)

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To help you put numbers to your business plan, Warrior Rising also includes this “BASIC financial template” Excel file. This model is also designed to be used both by experts as well as those who have little to no knowledge of Microsoft Excel, and its outputs can be copied and pasted directly into the written plan. The model does not allow you to input any sort of topline projection – it forces the business modeling process of go-to-market assumption testing by projecting only the results of measurable activities such as viewed emails, personal sales close rates, or physical visits.

The methodology here is key – especially for inexperienced entrepreneurs – because it allows you to do the activities that you can handle personally and iterate on results instead of simply assuming topline performance. Using this model is relatively simple, and there’s a YouTube video that explains it at the following link:

While the YouTube video is available to anyone for reference, a Warrior Rising mentor can also personally train you to use the financial model if you would like.

Pitch Deck (Powerpoint File)

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Next is the “general pitch deck” Powerpoint file. This roughly follows the format suggested by Guy Kawasaki (in his book The Art of the Start), and can be delivered to an investment group in 10 minutes. The notes are to be adapted to script out the actual presentation, and there are some time marks noted. Animations and general graphics are included with only two slides that must be changed for pictures of whatever your company’s solution is (to get you started, the file currently includes images used in the past by one of Warrior Rising’s board members when funding his own business).

This presentation references the results built in the financial model and relies on the data developed in the written plan. It may not work for all types of companies, but it’s a solid general format that has been used many times in real-world live pitches. The colors are vibrant, the fonts are large, and the pace is fast.

Additional Files

These last files are the basic templates to help you assess your own business.

The “Company Snapshot” doc is an assessment that can be given in 360-degree style among teams or internally on one team (or even just to yourself) to keep up regular assessments of where the weak parts are in your business or pitch. This file is meant to be printed out and written on, but you can also modify it to gather additional information as your business grows.

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Then there’s the “Market and Pain Feedback” file which is just a simple survey that you can distribute to friends (or strangers) to gather some very high-level info about whether or not your business idea is actually something that people might one day pay for.

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