If I need funding who do I contact and what do I provide?

What’s next?

    Once you complete the second phase (Business Incubator) of the Warrior Rising process, we bring you to Utah for a personal meeting. Warrior Rising board members, venture capitalist partners, and investors will meet you in person and help you accomplish your business mission. During this meeting, you will formally present your business idea and the audience will have the opportunity for a question and answer session to help them better assist you.

    At the end of the day, Warrior Rising venture capitalists will provide a current valuation of your company based on the information presented. Our venture capitalist experts will provide you recommendations for the financial milestones you need to achieve during the next three years. Once everything is finalized and you understand what needs to be done, Warrior Rising will help you acquire the financing you need to successfully start your business journey.

How does Warrior Rising decide who to help?

    It depends. How hard are you willing to work? There are no handouts in Warrior Rising. The first phase in the Warrior Rising process is the vetting phase. We ask you to provide us basic information about yourself and your business ideas. As we conduct our professional business assessment (this usually takes 3 weeks), we ask that you prepare for the road ahead by reading and digesting our on-line and easily accessible business materials. Understanding this basic business material is critical for your future success.

    Once a business assessment is complete, a Warrior Rising professional will contact you to make the final decision on whether or not to assist in your quest to start your own business. We will base our decision on your financial situation, military record, feasibility of your business idea, efforts in digesting and understanding our basic business materials, and availability to commit time to one of our business incubator partners. If you qualify, Warrior Rising will start you on your business journey.

What kind of mentoring do you provide?

    Anything and everything business related. We have it all covered. Once you have gone through the Warrior Rising process, you are a part of our team and we are here to help you. If our current experts are unable to provide you the information you need, Warrior Rising will search for the right person who can answer your question to your satisfaction.

Do I need to visit you or can I just send in my information?

    You don’t need to visit us to get started. Please click on the “Start a Business” button to start the process. You will need to fill out some basic information and we will personally contact you shortly thereafter (within 3 weeks).