Travis Wilson is a 21-year Army veteran with 13 years as a U.S. Army Special Forces Green Beret. He comes from a military family, and his father was a 13-year U.S. Airforce Para-rescue man (PJ). Before Travis entered the Army in 1995, he attended Wentworth Military Academy in Lexington, Missouri. It was after attending the Academy for one year that he knew he wanted to be a Green Beret.

He originally joined the Army as a 91B Combat Medic, and it wasn’t long until he was able to attend Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS) where he was selected to attend the Q course as an 18E, Communications Specialist. He was at a crossing point in my life after selection. He was eager to finish college, and the Special Forces committee allowed to attend the Q course after finishing college at Boise State University.

After finishing school Travis returned to the Army and entered the Q course in 2003. He completed every course and that honored Green Beret was placed on his head. Travis headed to Colorado Springs where he is currently stationed until he retires in November of 2016.
While maintaining a family and military career, Travis had the crazy idea to start a health store called Caliber Nutrition. He has been a successful businessman for five years, and will be even more successful when he retires from the Army. Nutritional supplements are a major part of his business, but overall health and welfare are what he is currently focused on. Travis runs two personal training studios, and he’s currently in the final stages of starting an Adaptive Training Facility for combat injured veterans.

Travis’ passion is giving back, and although he is injured himself, he feels it’s necessary for our vets to take care of each other. As Travis says, “Only we have that special language where we instantly become brothers or sisters. It’s a bond I’ve treasured and will do so until I die.”

Travis has two young boys that mean the world to him. Taking care of them financially is important, but to Travis having them see their father respect others and take care of others is even more important because it helps a child grow into the man or woman our country needs. If you would like to help Travis launch his business financially or as a mentor, please contact Warrior Rising for introductions.

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