Gavin Goudie and Daisson Hickel meet in 2003 during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
At the time, Daisson was a tanker and Gavin a combat medic. They became
friends instantly because of their shared love for exploration and
adventure. A common thread between the two was their tenacious desire to
accomplish goals and in a short time had both set their sights on becoming
Special Forces Green Berets.

Daisson and Gavin trained together for the Special Forces assessment and
selection process and attended selection together. An unbreakable bond of
friendship and trust was forged while they each pushed their bodies and
minds to the next level throughout the selection process.

Although Daisson and Gavin were assigned to different locations in their
work as Green Berets, their training and deployments would regularly bring
them to the same location, thus allowing for more shared stories and
continued adventures.

Daisson spent years testing different coffee makers as he was called to
locations around the world, after many equipment failures , Daisson found
the perfect coffee set up and The Java CanR was born. After Gavin’s
medical retirement, Daisson reached out to Gavin for a partnership with The
Java CanR Today, Daisson and Gavin both love and live the Live Life
ChargedT mantra. They enjoy connecting others through the sharing of fresh
espresso, exploration and life experiences throughout the world with The
Java CanR by their side. Gavin and Daisson are ready to enter the outdoor
retail industry full force. Help us achieve our future goals after our
service to this great nation.

The Java Can