About Warrior Rising

We are a nonprofit dedicated to helping veterans achieve success in business through partnerships, mentoring and funding.

We take pride in giving back to those who have given so much – providing our veterans with opportunities to earn employment, create sustainable businesses and perpetuate the hiring of fellow U.S. Military veterans.

In the next 48 months, over one million military servicemen and women will transition to the civilian workforce. We’re here to help them transition and thrive. We provide support and guidance, helping veterans:

  • Learn business fundamentals
  • Join a partner business incubator program
  • Receive a valuation on their existing business and guidance on new business ventures using private equity venture capitalist experts
  • Receive seed or angel investment funding to start a business
  • Receive continual mentorship from Warrior Rising experts

If you’d like to help, if you need assistance, or if you want to learn more, please contact us.

Why Warrior Rising

According to the U.S. Census, about 2.4 million or nine percent of all U.S. small businesses are veteran-owned. Work with a veteran today to help Warrior Rising make these businesses successful. Whether you hire a veteran, mentor a company or contribute to our cause, these veterans deserve your help. Veterans provide a skilled workforce, with characteristics that enable business success.

Veterans effectively manage risk

Of course managing risk in the entrepreneurial sense seldom includes life and limb, but running a business carries with it a fair number of financial and other risks. Far too many entrepreneurs are unable to capitalize on the rewards of taking a calculated risk. The military teaches its leaders how to evaluate risk and capitalize on opportunities.

Veterans operate well under pressure

In the heat of battle, warriors have to think on their feet and adapt to challenges while literally “under fire.” Like the military, entrepreneurs make realistic plans but need the ability to adapt flexibly in response to a changing marketplace. Veteran entrepreneurs can quickly see how to apply their warrior skills of planning and implementing to the world of business.

Veterans have learned how to succeed with limited resources

Small business owners, often underfunded and understaffed, deal with this challenge every day. The ability to prioritize initiatives and tackle those that offer the greatest chance for success is an invaluable talent both on the battlefield and in the competitive world of business.